Thursday, February 1, 2018

Update on the man whose son was told to sleep with his virgin girlfriend

 Earlier post here: "My Son Had His 1st Kiss, Friends Told Him To Sleep With A Virgin" - Victor Ibeh

 Remember we posted about a man (Vivtor Ibeh) whose son was told to sleep with his virgin girlfriend in order for him to own her?  Well, a lot of people came for
him because they felt he fabricated the story.
 Victor Ibeh took to his Facebook to vent his anger on whoever feels he was lying.  Read his post below;

I just went to instablog naija and saw where a lady was authoritatively saying that I was never married not to talk of divorced. I mean, the last I remembered was that she was once on my facebook list.  I didn't know she had also written my biography for me. 

 This is what you get when people perch on your wall and try to decipher you from every post you make.  Some morons are busy saying the story is fabricated because in their small heads they think a son always has to be biological. 

Personally, I cannot understand how random strangers would want to argue your own life history with you.  Are they all right? 

When I wedded on the 5th of January, 2013, the pictures were all over my timeline.  I removed every trace of that marriage from my timeline when it failed.

idiocy is real....

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