Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tonto Dikeh has a strong message for her fans.

  The actress and mother of one Tonto Dikeh, has a strong message for her followers. Below is what she

"You are a blessing unto this world, your potential for creation is greater than your potential for destruction. 
So what is your function? 
Well this is a question for yourself... Take time to explore your inner space, before you concentrate on outer space. 
Nourish your body with heal-thy-self foods, seek knowledge always and Guidance from the elders. 
Nobody was born big and you don't need to be big, to make a difference. 
Build with your sisters and brothers, co creation is the most powerful manifestation of what we can do together. 
You are not alone, even when you think you are, a like on Instagram, a retweet on twitter, a phone call, a text, a smile in the street, a hug from your friend... is just another way of saying we are in this together. No human is an island, but you are a world within yourself. 
So bless your existence and grace the earth with your vessel, radiate light through your spirit and give your heart to the hearts of others ❤...
This way you will never destroy, you will only continue to create with all of us for the rest of whatever this life is. #chkbr POKOBARS #MAMAKING "  

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