Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Team Oderaigbo peeps into Miss ANAMBRA and Her Cucumber.

 The Miss. Anambra saga is still  growing strong, and a lot of people have  made up their mind saying the girl was at fault and that's all that matters. Well, she has made a mistake no doubt, but, I think we should also ask ourselves who was behind the release of the video?  In this piece Team Oderaigbo shares some light on what he knows happened to the girl. Read his post below;

"Yes, the Video may be real and it may be doctored, I am not here to defend the girl, her act or her reasons, I will do that when it's time, but I will do the right thing for now.

No Lady who wants to contest a PAGEANT who is a Virgin or an ACTRESS who swear her Thing we're not traded for position and exposition, same way the male counterpart will trade position for money, the female trade Sex for same and that takes no Rocket scientist to figure.
If you do not want to have SEX with those power brokers, then stop dreaming of fame that comes over night.. Moving on..

I know that once a girl gets pregnant every body will be breathing down her neck because she has been caught in the act, but 99percent of her mates and friends do eat the same Fruit, but her case is just because she was unfortunate or that she refused to take Pills that may cause her OVARY CANCER or she abort the pregnancy just like others and pretend that She is chassis.

Miss ANAMBRA was a victim of ABS AWKA, can NWORAH swear his innocence on the set up, the recording and the eventual expose?

Can Mr NWORAH swear by air he breath that what brought about the expose was not as a result of this Girl's resolve not to continue BANGING him and those he choose to donate her to?

Sure, she may have erred but what about ABS that sponsored the program and taking advantage of innocent Girls who want fame and expose, then after mutilating them, leading them into life unbecoming, then turn them to Sex tools or start black mailing them.

Didn't this Girl return the Car they gave her as FIRST PRICE when the threat became unbearable to her?

Why must ABS MD release this Video which I am yet to verify if it has some touch of NOLLYWOOD editing and effects.

The question should be, what has this girl done to merit ruining her future?

Maybe just maybe Team ODERAIGBO will start running investigation into the SEX trade coined as ABS BEAUTY PAGEANT.

THE GOVERNOR SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS and If NWORAH is found guilty He should relieve him off his job.

We certainly do not want to start expose on ndi na edina Umuazi Unizik and subject them into same Sex Slave, but if what it takes to balance this blackmail from ABS is to expose, then so be it.

Uche NWORAH should understand na obu nwanne Mmadu ga ana emegbu. Asi si kuwasiba, anyi akuwasiba.. Oderaigbo

The question is, WHO placed the CAMERA that took the Shot of the Sex thing?
Look at the faces of the girls involved and see the pupils dilated .
If this is what ABS takes as against NEWS vending then I am sure that many Women org in the state will like to wade in.
The question remains who drugged this girl's and gave them executive promises?

Can somebody provide this Girl's number ,we need to balance and expose the culprits

Sure, the ABS DAMAGING DIRECTOR must have considered self a Wizard when he pegged young Chidinma Okeke on the alter of sacrifice.

He waited after series of continual exploit, then when the Young girl got over the effect of the drugs or call it JUJU used to shackle her brain. She said enough of the nonsense and suddenly the ABS known for fabrication of News, a brand dedicated to producing programs that dent and damage the image of GOVERNOR OBIANOS opponents, the same News vending company deviated into sponsoring beauty pageant and taking advantage of young and pretty girls that are naive, those that think that there is honor among Men in high position- through fraudulent channels.

In course of the sponsorship, they have laid many Girls, but the Devils card is that when the last victim decided that enough is enough, the company decided that they will ruin her for life maim her for life and make her miserable.

Watch the Video ABS released on the 11th of October the same day they leaked the CUCUMBER VIDEO,.

That was after she returned the Car and crown, so the car will be used for another victim.

Maybe because they want to wash hands off the beauty queen!! .

Maybe they realise that the hate campaign will boomerang on the Government who gave her the crown that made her ambassador of the state.

Watch the defence of ABS and see how wicked they plotted the downfall of the young girl and now they have slated another trap for another Girl who they will also put under spell, then video her again for another black mail if she refused to succumb to perpetual BANGING.
They have set another date for another pageant, another scam and another scandal.

onye obuna si kwo oburu nwa nne ya Nwanyi.

We are coming for we will get ABS to apologise to this girl and exonerate her or they will have to run us out of town.

The Government should stop shielding SEX PERVERTS, who ruin our children and leave them devastated for life.
Team Oderaigbo is here for you."

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