Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Former Governor, Rashidi Ladoja Thinks The ‘Change With Me’ Campaign Should Start With The President

            According to the AP leader, the ‘change begins with me’ slogan meant to drive an attitudinal change among Nigerians should begin with President Buhari and his cabinet members.
 Ladoja said this is ideal since Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) rode to power on the change slogan.

 “Nigerians don’t need more than the basic things to live. How do we explain a situation where workers have not got salaries for months and government expects them to be coming to work and if they fail to come, they will be threatened with sack?” he queried.

Ladoja also described the diversification of the Nigerian economy with focus on agriculture championed by the Buhari administration, as a mere lip service.
   He stated that none of the levels of government have actually put in place a coherent policy to diversify the economy.
    “Nowadays, people don’t get the money to procure farm equipment because they can’t go and borrow money with the level of interest rate charged by banks as high as 22 per cent.
  “How many farmers have borrowed money at a single digit interest rate being talked about by the government? Farmers have said they have not got it. “How many of our young people, particularly in Ibadan or Oyo state in general are interested in agriculture? Those into real farming, especially in the state are the Benue, Togo, Benin Republic people.
 “Things are going to be tougher than government has told us because the psyche of our people needs to be reoriented. I only hope that we will be able to survive this hardship that we are all going through.” Ladoja warned President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors across the country not to take the patience of Nigerians for granted in view of the current economic hardship.
    “We should continue to pray we don’t fall into the same situation as countries that experienced the Arab Spring. “Anybody who saw Syria before and now will know that something has happened. Egypt before the Arab Spring and Egypt of today are not the same. “The same thing goes for Libya and Iraq. And these are areas where civilisation was already advanced,” Ladoja concluded.

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