Thursday, June 16, 2016

Repost: My Experience With An OLX Buyer - By RebelXYZ

I saw this posted by a nairaland member on Nairaland, I had to take permission to re post it on my own Blog so that the public will be enlightened on how some OLX members scam gullible Nigerians. Read his ordeal below;

"I posted this late because i am a very busy person and i rarely post on social media. But i feel this may be helpful to many out there.

It was on a sunday 25th oct, 2015 around 9:30am along airport road not too far to a bank, can't remember what bank it was but till today the spot lingers in my memory.. Like am visualising it right about now.

Omo boy pocket was very dry and i needed some cash to tidy some very important stuffs, so I decided to go by way of selling out my gadgets in order to fill some crucial gaps. I sold my laptop successfully, funny enough it was even sold to my namesake. That felt really cool.

I placed my apple ipad for sale too through a friend's younger brother who actually Spearheaded the sale of my laptop. So i was rest assured of another successful sale.

To cut the long story short, i got a call from my frnd's Brother that there's a buyer who's willing to buy at 50k. He sent the guy's number to me and we began talking on phone. That was early morning on that sunday.

We agreed on venue to meet that would be convenient for him which was MMA(airport). He said we shld meet by 9am as he was in hurry to travel out of Lagos that very day. I got to airport waiting for him.. It took him longer than necessary to arrive which gave me another doubting mind that the guy wasn't genuine.

After he finally arrived, he drove a car which till now i can't remember what maker it was but the clour was blue or so. There was a navy kit in the car and he was also putting a navy blue cap which automatically implied that he was suppose to be a navy man. We met in the airport premises and he asked me to come into the car which i wanted to decline but decided to go in when i saw navy kit. I thought i was safe because in my mind, i was dealing with a naval officer. Never feel too relaxed even when you meet an angel as a stranger. That's the lesson i learnt.

We were getting along too quickly and the reason is that, the way my friend's brother presented the guy to me seemed they both know each other somewhere but i was wrong.

We drove out of the aiport, parked and he talked about withdrawing from ATM. But before then, he collected the ipad and was checking it. After a while, he said it's fine and okay. He then said we shld both get down to withdraw so he could pay me. By then he already droppped the ipad in his car back seat.

He brought out his Access bank atm card, inserted it, and after a while, he claimed the atm was not dispensing. I suggested there's a branch of Access bank along the road in the front. He agreed and we are set to proceed.

That was when he said i will push his car ooo and i mumuly agreed to push car. Not knowing he had other plan. I pushed.. Menh! The idiot drove on and sped like he was doing car race. I stopped the next bike to chase him, but the bike guy was scared. God!

At this point i thought i was dreaming.. He made a way with my ipad. I called my friend's brother if he knows the guy, he said no. I was like what! I sent the guy text begging him, after a while he switched off his phone and never on it again. This is his number.. 09084873571

I was not really bothered abt the ipad., but each time i remember the incident, i feel very bad because i fell for such A Light trick.
I hope we've all learned from this silly mistake. Thank you."

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