Monday, June 20, 2016

Can This Ever Happen In Nigeria (photos)

Once upon a dear country, sure the Heavens would smile upon the citizens if only our dear Leaders would step down and emulate the western  leaders in all positive aspects...Nevertheless, was just wondering if any of the below scenario can ever occur in Nigeria? Can our Politicians do something similar? What do you guys think about this?

Our Ministers cannot comprehend the assumption,let alone the statement of order,be it by personal gain or otherwise.Truth be told,risking contradiction of my very own post,such would only be a dream for the lack of security in Nigeria stands as a big threat to the poor,let alone the elites in the country...

based on silly assumptions,i can only imagine the tarnish or stain on any elite's status if such should happen in Nigeria.Stars,their children or relations are given a certain certified treatment, and to talk of high political actors like Governors of states or Senators?

I know of a University in Nigeria(UNIBUJA) based on personal experience,friends and other students of high status cannot attest to this,because they never really experienced standing for a four  hour lecture in a very un-conducive hall. Now,speaking of an Elite or a political actor,private cars and sophisticated entourage at their every call, using a train or a public transportation can only be a myth.
this surpasses humility,as healthwise, average citizens are known or believed to live a healthier life as a result of exercising consciously or subconsciously during their day to day endeavors,but the Elites who do little to nothing daily suffer from different diseases.This picture speaks a lot on health,humility and living an exemplary life...For a President to fuel his own car,then a lot of other good things are yet to be discovered in the said country,
That still brings me to the very beginning.Can our Nigerian leaders emulate the western leaders on their good deeds,and not just the obvious negative visible ones that they portray?

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