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Adaobi Video Clocks Ten Million Youtube Video Views

The Mavin Crew took to Twitter to give a shoutout to their fans worlwide for the support shown to them. One of their music video  '' Adaobi'' which features Don Jazzy, Dija, korede Bello and Rekado Banks, just clocked 10 million views. Congrats to the Mavin Crew.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Married My Husband Because of His Handsomeness (Lessons From My Marriage)

I lived a very religious life in campus, and was not in any relationship at all. After school , I met this young handsome guy in 2006. Sincerely, I felt I didn’t not merit him because he is very handsome, while I am on the average beauty wise. The only thing that attracted me to him was the look. He was an hustler and lived a low income life. Throughout our courtship of 18months, He never gave me a dime. I came from a financially buoyant famiy, I therefore saw no need in asking him for anything, rather I was feeding him with three square meal. We got wedded in the year 2007, and I gave him the flower of my womanhood (virginity) but I was not really excited for just no reason.

My husband is a caring man, but nags a lot. He nags about the way I handle bathing soap, the way you arrange plates in kitchen, virtually everything. I most often skip for fear each time he wants to talk because I believe he wants to complain again.

I got a job before he did, but one thing I discover is that my husband spends his money without thinking about tomorrow and always depend on my salary to survive the family. In 2008, I gave birth to a set of triplet, and had to quit work to nurse my angels. He was very supportive then. He provided for all our needs and life was good. In 2012, my husband lost his job, I had to take over the family expenses again. I was running a masters degree program, doing many businesses, and still raising kids. I travelled every week in a bid to keep the family running. Each time, I complain about the stress I was passing through, he tells me I am lazy, that many women do more to sustain their families.

This is 2015, my husband prefers to allow me or my dad to pay the children tuition fee than for him to hustle. I am 100% responsible for the family upkeep. Every biz you introduce to my husband is downgrading to him. I am currently on my PHd degree, I am nursing a set of triplet, and still work hard to survive my family.

It is now that I realize that I married my husband because of his handsomeness, and that he is mentally very shallow. My husband thinks like a child and has virtually no plan for his family.

My simple advice for intending wives is this, looks (handsomeness or beauty) alone is not enough to choose a husband, marry a man that has great vision for his life, not the one that you will keep on dragging up.

Secondly, I believe my husband puts all the family responsibility on me because I was the one feeding him when we were dating. Please, let your guy know from day one that you need to be adored and taken care of like a beautiful flower.

Police ASP, Kills Senator Fidelis Okoro’s Son

*Force CID arrests officers

The Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID) of the Nigerian Police force has arrested and detained an Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP, and six other Police officers over allegations of extra-judicial killings in separate incidents that occurred in Abuja and Benin, the Edo State capital.

The first case resulting in the arrest of the ASP (Mohammed Yusuf) and two officers (Corporal Agada Lawrence and Corporal Agada Kenneth, involved the extra judicial killing of the son of the former Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence, Senator Fidelis Okoro, in Abuja last year.

According to Police sources, Mr. John Chukwuemeka Okoro (son of Senator Okoro) and a friend of his (Sunday Markus alias Sunday Black) were at the Durumi district of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, on the 11th of August 2014, when a Police Patrol team received a distress call from Mabuchi District that that some suspected robbers snatched a Toyota car from the owner.
The Police from FCT SARS consequently deployed and carried out a trail of the alleged robbers from Mabuchi to Durumi. In the process of trailing the car, the deceased, John Chukwuemeka Okoro, was arrested, while Sunday Markus escaped. The leader of the Police team then shot John Okoro firstly on the leg and secondly in the chest even though he was harmless, resulting in Okoro’s death.

Following a petition to the IGP by Senator Okoro alleging extra-judicial killing, Force CID investigated the matter, invited Sunday Markus for interview and his statement. The owner of the alleged stolen car also made a statement.

Though the Police officers claimed there was a shootout and in the cause of exchange of fire, Okoro was shot and killed, investigation however indicted the Assistant Superintendent of Police and his 2 officers of extra-judicial killing.

They are currently in detention and police sources told Sunday Vanguard that they are awaiting ‘Internal Disciplinary Action’ after which they will be charged to court.

On the extra-judicial killing in Benin, Sunday Vanguard gathered that it occurred at Aduwawa area where one Benson Obode was extra-judicially gunned down.

According to sources, on the 19th of May 2015, four Police officers, Corporal Adeleke Adedeji, Corporal Abena John, Corporal Henry Shobowale and Corporal Oniyo Musa, who were investigating a case of armed robbery incident that took place in Agege, Lagos, went to Edo State as part of the investigation.

One Alhaji Babangida Isa was robbed of his Toyota car, GSM handsets, and other valuables. In the cause of arresting Benson Obode (suspect), who was mentioned by the receiver of the stolen car, the Police shot and killed him.

Following a public protest by his family and some members of his community in Benin, a petition was written to the IGP who ordered an investigation. The FCID consequently commenced a thorough investigation which led to the arrest of the officers.
A senior Police officer who confirmed the arrest of the officers noted that henceforth there will be no hiding place for such officers who take laws into their hands.

It will be recalled that the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, warned recently that the fForce under his command would not tolerate extra-judicial killings while another mantra has been that police officers should respect the human rights of suspects


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It may interest you to know that #Shisha smoking is quite becoming the fastest trend now in parties, clubs, bars, and even some homes.Also known in some countries as narghile, hookah or goza; #Shisha is a waterpipe wit a bowl, a hose, a smoke chamber & a pipe/mouthpiece.Specially made tobacco is heated & the smoke passes through water, absorbed into a hose connected to a mouthpiece for the smoker, The origin of #Shisha is disputed, some say Turkey or India but it's accepted it came from Middle East/Asia. Shisha is global now though.

Shisha smoking is a way of smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruits or molasses sugar, through a bowl & a hose with a mouthpiece. The hose connects the flavored smoke from substances being burnt in the bowl to the lungs of the smoker through the mouthpiece Shisha pipes use tobacco sweetened wit fruits or molasses sugar which makes shisha smoking a more pleasurable experience than cigarettes
Popular #Shisha flavors include apple, mango, strawberries, coconut & mint. This gives the smoked tobacco a sweet smell & smooth taste.The presence of the fruits & flavor makes the #Shisha damp, so the tobacco is burnt with wood/charcoal to bring out its smoke & aroma. The sweet scent, the pleasurable taste &the awesome feeling is the reason that #Shisha smoking is now a regular habit for many people. For some people, a Friday evening is not complete without at least one hour of #Shisha smoking. For others it's up to 3or4times a week.
Now because of the flavors, the sweet aroma & nice taste, there's a gross misconception that #Shisha is NOT harmful, unlike cigarettes.
Others say since the tobacco smoke has passed through water,all the toxic chemicals in the #Shisha hav been filtered out. This is a lie.I need to be very assertive in stating categorically that #Shisha smoking is a destructive habit regardless of the smoke being flavored. Despite the fact that #Shisha is flavored &passed through water, the carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) &nicotine remains very present.
regular #Shisha smokers should know they are at risk of the same medical problems as cigarette/tobacco smokers. The nicotine present in #Shisha smoke is very addictive & things may degenerate that the smoker may need the #Shisha every day.

According to a W.H.O research, the amount of smoke inhaled in one hour of #Shisha smoking is the same as smoking 100-200 cigarettes.People smoke #Shisha for longer periods than they smoke cigarettes. Just 1 puff of inhaled #Shisha smoke is like smoking a whole cigarette.

It's hard to imagine but its true. Just one hour of #Shisha is same as smoking abt 100-200 cigarettes. Yet ppl smoke #Shisha for hours. The wrong assumption that Shisha smoking is harmless compared to cigarettes is the reason why many engage in reckless #Shisha smoking.Just like cigarettes, #Shisha smoke contains toxic agents like tobacco, nicotine, tar, Carbon monoxide, and heavy metals like Arsenic.The nicotine content of #Shisha is very addictive and may lead to a smoker being dependent. That's why they feel incomplete without it.Shisha smokers are at risk of heart disease, respiratory problems, various cancer types & in women, possible problems in pregnancy.
Is herbal #Shisha safe? NO. It is not. Shisha, whether herbal/not, usually contains tobacco & that is the cause of many medical issues.And even if u find a tobacco-free #Shisha, the smoke u inhale from the wood/charcoal contains Carbon monoxide that destroys the lungs.
Are fruit-based #Shisha safe? NO as well. Whether fruitbased or not, Shisha contains tobacco rich in smoke containing many toxins.

Also before You start feeling "This #Shisha talk is none of my business", do u frequently visit bars/clubs where there's a lot of Shisha smoking? If u go to bars/clubs with friends where there's lots of #Shisha smoking, u are a secondary smoker, even if the tube isnt in your mouth. Shisha tobacco and smoke are medically known to contain carcinogenic agents that may cause lung cancer, oral cancer & bladder cancer. Babies born to pregnant women who smoke #Shisha weigh less at birth & are at higher risk of respiratory problems, than other babies.
The American Lung Association, the British Heart Foundation and the W.H.O all say that #Shisha smoking is medically harmful to smokers.

So after saying all the harmful consequences of #Shisha smoking, the solution is to STOP smoking. Let me give simple tips that may help.
1. Make up your mind to stop. That's the first step & the most important step. Be determined to stop, even if u fail at first.

2 Try to avoid friends, occasions, bars & parties where u know u wont be able to say no to smoking. Think of ur health & stay determined

3 Always remember smoking, or drinking, is not synonymous to "class" or "being rich". It is ignorant people that reason that way.

4 Cut down on alcohol. It has been found that some types of alcohol eg beer, usually makes smoking taste so good. Just stay away.

5 Identify times u crave #Shisha. Try to distract yourself. Walk away. Dance. Go online. Chew a gum. Make a call. Anything else but smoke.

6 Make friends with non smokers. That way u reduce temptation. Never envy smokers/see smoking as somethin u miss. Only think of ur health.


Cynthia Morgan Replies Fans Who Had Problem With Her ‘Bra Outfit'

So yesterday Cynthia Morgan posted photos of herself in what a lot of people termed messy and classless, which turned out to be a big argument on her page between her fans. Cynthia who never sees anything wrong in exposing her boobs however posted another one this morning warning them all to mind their business and stay in their lane. She however reminded them that the jacket they call crazy is also Moschino. Her words;


I Used Juju, During My Playing Days – Taribo

  Former Super Eagles defence man, Taribo West made a shocking confession recently. He revealed that during his football career days he used juju to play on the field.

The ex-footballer turned pastor said he had a manager from Senegal and his manager would take him to several native doctors in Senegal where they will cut his tongue, hands and legs and then cook it.

“I spend most of my time at home meditating. All I want to do is to keep spreading the gospel. In my own little way, I have been into evangelisation visiting places like Ughelli and within the Orile community, Ajegunle and so on. God has been kind during these visits to preach the gospel to people who are yet to receive Christ. We believe He will take us globally very soon,” Taribo said.

It will be recalled that Super Eagles attacker, Brown Ideye came out and advised African players to stop using juju to enhance their playing prowess.

“Your background experience counts. We turn to God to give us direction. I’m happy how far He has taken us.

“The gospel is for the poor, rich and noble. Part of the gift God gave me is to reach out to the downtrodden. It is good if you can reach out to the downtrodden, preach the gospel to them and try to meet some of their needs through humanitarian services. I’m grateful to God for using me to spread the gospel across to these people,” he said.

On getting to Europe, Taribo would find himself entangled in another life of charms and superstitious beliefs.

A move from Auxerre to Milan saw him playing for rivals AC and Inter — one of few players to achieve the feat — in a three-year stint in Italy.

With a new-found life of affluence, the big defender paid huge sums of money for him to be supplied charms to win games, protect him from career-threatening injuries and also to be foretold the results of matches before they were played.

The 1998 UEFA Cup winner used to burn candles and hold a magical stone from Israel before games but he is bewildered that people are reluctant to publicly identify themselves with the practice, saying players and officials are deeply involved in the act.

Taribo said, “Of course yes (I was involved). I don’t know why people decline to talk about their involvement with charms. Football has to do with a lot of powers. When there are big events, you look at the stadium, you see people, fans invoking all kinds of things; magicians are there, voodooists are there.

“In my playing days, when I was ignorant, I used to get some mallams and babalawos (traditional doctors) to make charms for us, which we took to (national) camp. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

“In some clubs, before every game, the president or leader of the club will give you a lucky charm to play with. They will tell you to put it in your boots or socks and play. It’s their superstitious belief; that it can help them win matches.

“There are some coaches who are connected to African magicians and soothsayers from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Zaire or even Nigeria. These people are consulted to give these coaches results of games even before the matches are played.

“These people see strange things and they can tell you with their magic and charms, what the outcome of a match will be. People believe and use it. It works for those who believe in it. I saw it, I experienced it, I was with players that used it and I used it. So, why are people denying it? There are charms and rituals in football. It still exists.”

When Patience Ikemefuna, an evangelist who lives in America paid Taribo a visit in Milan, it marked a new phase in the 1996 Olympic Games gold medallist’s life.

Ikemefuna was perplexed when she discovered that Taribo was deeply involved in occultism. There were charms in his wardrobe and other parts of his apartment. Even though her host resisted initially, she convinced him and after several praying sessions, Taribo gave his life to Christ.

Today, even though they are not biologically related, he refers to Ikemefuna as “my sister.”

“God used her to change my life and ever since, my life has never been the same. I’m grateful to her. When I had an encounter with God and I became born again, I discovered that these powers were powerless. It was an avenue to collect money from us. There are lots of voodoo practices in football. If you are not with God, you have to be with the devil; with the devil they come with everything,” he added.

What is the difference between life in Christ and one filled with charms?

“You can’t compare,” he said. “When I was living that ignorant life, I was in darkness. In the darkness, the devil can give you what God can also give you, but he will give you without joy and peace. Eventually, you will end up in sorrow. But when you experience the joy of Christ, it adds no sorrow.

“The joy of the Lord is not only my strength; it gives me everything I need in life. The love of Christ comes with freedom, success, favour, expansion and a better life. When you have all these, you have everlasting peace. That is why I am comfortable today and I’m happy how God has seen me thus far.”

But being a pastor doesn’t mean he is free from temptations. In fact he realises that there are even tougher battles to fight as a cleric.

“Temptation is permanent; it’s there every hour, every day but if you begin to study the Bible, there are principles that God has laid down for us. If you follow this, the devil will not keep you.

“From my house to the bus stop, I may see a young girl not properly brought up, dressed half- Unclad walking on the streets. You will see temptation right there. But you have to pray for God’s grace to overcome the temptation.”

After a career that has seen him play football in Nigeria, France, Italy, England, Germany, Yugoslavia, UAE and Iran, Taribo has seen it all and aptly names his church a shelter.

He added, “We told ourselves to fast and ask God for a name for the ministry. In the process, a sister came up and said a voice told her that we should call the ministry Shelter in The Storm Miracle Ministries. That’s how we got the name.

“During my journeys, God created a shelter for me and transferred me into that fold. There are lots of natural disasters everywhere in the world in these last days. There are crisis in Asia; there is terrorism and sectarian groups springing up. People are migrating from all over the world to Europe because of fear. In the midst of all these, God has created for everyone a shelter, where everything in your life will be restored again.”

Even though he is no longer actively involved in the game, which gave him the good life and saw him resident in some of the world’s biggest cities, the Super Eagles — with whom he played two World Cups and two Africa Cup of Nations — is still very dear to Pastor Taribo West.

“We need to pray for the team and I have taken it as an assignment to pray for the team. The national team is part of my body, it’s my family.”

Saturday, September 19, 2015

16 Lessons I Learnt From Losing My Virginity

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1. Many teenage girls sleep with guys because they are trying to find love, to find self-worth. But the catch is that the more guys they sleep with, the less self-worth they had.

2. Many girls think that if they really care about guys, s’εx will bring them closer together. Indeed, sεx creates a bond. However, 80 percent of the time, the physical int!macy of first sεxμal relationship won’t last more than six months.

3. Couples who want what is best for their relationship or future marriage will have the patience to wait.

4. Most of the time, when a girl gives away her virg!nity, she assumes the relationship will last forever. But study of more than 10,000 women shows that when a girl loses her virg!nity at that age at 14, she’ll probably have about thirteen more lifetime sεxμal partners.

5. Teen s’εx frequently causes tension within families because of the dishonesty that usually accompanies the hidden int!macies. Relationships with friends are often strained, and when things turn sour, the gossip and social problems often become unbearable.

6. Everyone talks about how hard it is to say no to s’εx, but no one tells you how hard it is when you say yes.

7. It is dangerous for a teenage girl to be sεxμally active. Because a teenage girl’s reproductive system is still immature, she is very susceptible to sεxμally transmitted diseases.
8. In fact, early sεxμal activity is the number one risk factor for cervical cancer, and the second is multiple sεxμal partners. A girl’s body, like her heart, is not designed to handle multiple sεxμal partners.

9.While a girl might plan on slεεping with only one guy, she could be exposing herself to the STDs of hundreds of people through a single act of intεrcoμrsε. Here’s how: Scientists studied the sεxμal activity of a public high school of about one thousand students. About half (573) of the students had been sεxμally active, and most of them had only been with one partner. However, when the scientists
tracked the web of sεxμal activity among the students, it was discovered that more than half of the sεxμally active teens—without knowing it were linked together in a network of 288 partners within the school! So if a girl slept with a guy from this school, theoretically she could be in bεd with one-fourth of the entire student body.

10.The emotional side effects of premarital s’εx are also damaging to a young woman. One of the most common consequences of teenage sεxμal activity is depression. Girls who are sεxμally active are more than three times as likely to be depressed as girls who are abstinent. In fact, the condition has become so predictable that the Journal of Preventive Medicine recommends to doctors: “[Girls who are engaging in] sεxμal intεrcoμrsε should be screened for depression, and provided with anticipatory guidance about the mental health risks of these behaviours. ”Even if a girl experiments with s’εx once, research shows an increased risk of depression. Also, consider the fact that the rate of suicide attempts for sεxμally active girls (aged twelve to sixteen) is six times higher than the rate for virg!ns.

11. Unfortunately, many young women search for meaning only in relationships with guys, instead of with God. It is not uncommon for a girl to have s’εx in order to make a guy like her more or to encourage him to stay with her. She may compromise her standards because she is afraid of never being loved. Once he leaves her, though, an emotional divorce takes place. A person’s heart is not made to be that close to a person and then separated.

12. Since teenage sεxμal relationships rarely last, the girl’s sense of self-worth is often damaged. She may conclude that if she looked better, he would have stayed longer. This mentality can lead to harmful practices, such as eating disorders. Or the disappointment she feels may drive her into a state of self-hatred. Some young women even begin to hurt their own bodies in an attempt to numb the emotional pain. Such practices never solve the problems, though. If she wants to be loved, she needs to begin by loving herself.

13. In her heart, a girl who has been used knows it. However, she may immediately jump into another sεxμal relationship to escape the hurt. If she tries to boost her self-esteem by giving guys what they want, then her self-worth often ends up depending upon those kinds of relationships. Her development as a woman is stunted because without chastity she does not know how to express affection, appreciation, or attraction for a guy without implying something sεxμal. She may even conclude that a guy does not love her unless he makes sεxμal advances toward her. She knows that s’εx exists without int!macy, but she may forget that int!macy can exist without s’εx. A girl on this track usually feels accepted initially, but that acceptance lasts only as long as the physical plεasμrε.

14. Such a lifestyle will also take its toll on her ability to bond. Here’s why: Sharing the gift of s’εx is like putting a piece of tape on another person’s arm. The first bond is strong, and it hurts to remove it. Shift the tape to another person’s arm, and the bond will still work, but it will be easier to remove. Each time this is done, part of each person remains with the tape. Soon it is easy to remove because the residue from the various arms interferes with the tape’s ability to stick.

15. The same is true in relationships, because neurologists have discovered that previous sεxμal experiences can interfere with one’s ability to bond with future partners. This does not mean that if a person is not a virg!n on the wedding night, he or she will be unable to bond with a spouse. It simply means that when we follow God’s plan, we have the most abundant life possible. But when we turn from his designs and break his commandments, often we are the ones who feel broken afterwards.

16 Spiritual. Sin cuts us off from God, and this is the most serious consequence of premarital s’εx. After going too far, many of us know all too well the cloud of guilt that weighs on our hearts. The solution is not to kill our conscience but to follow it to freedom. It is calling us, not condemning us. Provided we repent, God will be there to welcome us home and let us start over.

What this all means is that our bodies, our hearts, our relationships, and our souls are not made for premarital s’εx. We should wait to have s’εx

Aisha Buhari Visits Mrs Osinbajo Over Death Of Her Grandmother

Wife of the President Aisha Buhari paid a condolence visit to the wife of the vice president Mrs Osinbajo over the death of her Grandmother -the matriarch of Awolowo family, mama Hannah Idowu Dideolu HID, who reportedly passed on in her home in Ikenne, Ogun State earlier today after a brief illness....




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